Apple Motion Professional Training #24 Effect Projects

Learn all about Effect projects in Apple Motion and how to build and publish your own effects from Apple motion to use in Final Cut Pro X.

Follow along with the exercise and download the lesson files along with a completed FREE “Awful TV” FCPX Effect:

Topics covered in this lesson include:

0:15 Final Cut Pro X Effects
0:40 Demo of Awful Tv Effect
0:55 Overview of Effect projects in Apple Motion
1:33 Effect source in Final Cut Effect project
1:44 Example of Effect Source usage in FCPX
2:02 Start of Lesson 24 Exercise
2:34 Adding the basic bad TV Effect
3:08 Adding the Glint Effect
3:22 Publishing bad TV parameters for FCPX
3:52 Renaming Published Parameters
4:07 New To publishing parameters? Link to RIGS lesson
4:33 Adjust/Publish Glint Effect properties
5:02 Adding Wriggle parameter behavior to the TV Roll
6:04 Publish Wriggle behaviors
6:45 Adding a Randomize parameter behavior to Waviness
7:36 Creating a Bump map layer
7:47 Adding a stripes generator for the Bump Map
8:40 Adding Randomize to X Position
9:00 Publish Scan line parameters
9:50 Bump map filter
10:55 Adding a fisheye effect and control to the project
12:19 Convert to FCPX Effect project
13:41 Use the effect inside FCPX

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