Final Cut Pro X

FCPX_logo_1Final Cut Pro X is an Industry leader in video editing for OSX. With its new storyline interface it changes the way many editors have worked with video in the past.  With a one time purchase price it is seen as a major competitors to the subscription based Premiere Pro.  Final Cut Pro X is only offered on Mac computers.  In these course we go from the basics of working with the program to creating compelling stories complete with motion graphics, titles, music editing and exporting options.

We offer the following classes in Final Cut Pro X:


Core Concepts of Final Cut Pro X

In this session we will explore the brand new interface of Final Cut Pro X interface and address changes from legacy versions. We will learn the basics of editing as well as how to incorporate transitions and add music to create smooth professional productions.  Lastly we will learn the basics of exporting and encoding to make sure our message gets out to our audience.

Intermediate Final Cut Pro X

In our intermediate Final Cut Pro X training course we will explore some of the more advanced editing tools available in Final Cut.  Students will learn We will learn the art of Live editing and using multiple camera angles in our projects.  Additionally we will learn to incorporate basic effects and color correction. Lastly, students will learn how to import, sweeten, and mix audio in our projects.

Advanced Final Cut Pro X

In the Final Cut Pro X Training course participants will explore the additional features in Final Cut Pro X such as advanced effects and keyframe interpolation, how to work with problem video or audio, compositing basics, color keying and titling.  Additionally we will explore best practices in project archival and project management.  Lastly we will end our lesson plan exploring advanced exporting options  using the optional Apple Compressor program and review some of the most popular industry standard 3rd party tools available for extending our work with Apple Final Cut Pro X

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