Final Cut Pro tutorials

Interested in Final Cut pro?
but don’t know where to start?

Free introductory online training in Final Cut Pro.

AV-Ultra has been developing classroom and online training for Final Cut Pro since 2014.
100% free tutorials provided to you, whenever, and wherever you are.

Check out our Free 11 lesson introductory class with over an hour and a half of lessons to get you started in Final Cut pro.

Final Cut Pro X Lesson 1- Getting Startedclass-01-getting-started
Final Cut Pro X Lesson 2- Basic of Editing
Final Cut Pro X Lesson 3 – Keywords and Smart Collections
Final Cut Pro X Lesson 4 – Rate and Sort Media
Final Cut Pro X Lesson 5- Markers and To Do lists
Final Cut Pro X Lesson 6- Ken Burns Effects, Crop, Transforms
Final Cut Pro X Lesson 7- Intro to color wheels
Final Cut Pro X  Lesson 8 – Keyframing in FCPX
Final Cut Pro X  Lesson 9- Optimized and Proxy Media
FCPX Lesson 10 – Compound Clips

Looking to Learn More?

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Quick Tip- FCPX Custom Keyboard Shortcuts 

Check out out Youtube channel for even more content!


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