Apple Motion

Apple Motion is a post production and effectMotion 5 icon program from Apple computers. Most comparable to Adobe After Effects, it allows you to create and animate Motion graphics quickly and easily. Using it with Final Cut Pro allows you to create dynamic animations that can be quickly and easily changed, edited and reused to create professional templates for motion graphics and VFX

The Following Course are offered in Apple Motion:


Core Concepts of Apple Motion
In Core Concepts of Apple Motion, we will focus on familiarizing ourselves with the program, address any changes from legacy versions, tour the interface and learn how to set up projects effectively and correctly. We will get right into the animation process and explore the basic of animation in motion to create Motion Graphic compositions.


Intermediate Apple Motion
In our Apple Motion Intermediate training course we take a deeper dive into keyframe interpolation, filters and effects. We will explore the use of masking in our compositions, as well as look at extended use of behaviors. Furthermore we will use emitters and replicators to add depth to our projects. Lastly we will explore the world of 3d compositions in Motion including light layers and cameras.


Advanced Apple Motion
Apple Motion Advanced training course takes a look at the high level features of the software and explores the 3D workspace with Z-space replicator functions, precomposing pre-rendering features and effective procedural planning. Additionally participants will learn rotoscoping, match moving creating motion graphics for use within FCPX.


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