Adobe After Effects

Create incredible motion graphics and visual effects.

The industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects toolset now brings you better ways to work, connecting your desktop and mobile apps with all your creative assets so you can create your most stunning visuals yet.

We offer the following classes in Adobe After Effects:

Core Concepts of After Effects

In this After Effects foundation training course, students will be introduced into the world of motion graphics and compositing.  Participants will explore solids, shapes and text layers and learn the basics of combining assets together to create compositions.

Intermediate After Effects

In the After Effects Intermediate training course, students will be introduced to more of the advanced effects available in After Effects including mask options, clone stamp and brush tools, color correcting and keying. In addition to these skills, students will learn how to work in 3d compositions using virtual cameras and lights to create evocative productions.

Advanced After Effects

Adobe After Effects Advanced training is a high level training curriculum that explores the outer limits of whats possible in After Effects productions.  We will cover how to track moving objects, or movement of assets in video layers, warp stabilization, 3d camera tracking, expressions and tools available to extend our work with After Effects and beyond.  After this Advanced training session participants should be very familiar with working in After Effects.

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