Free Premiere Pro Introductory Class

Are you brand new to editing or new to Adobe Premiere Pro? Maybe you use to edit in a different program but need to get up to speed on all the latest and greatest Adobe has to offer?  I/m offering 2.5 hours of professional training for the low cost of FREE!

I’ve been a video professional since 2006, and been a technical trainer/college instructor since 2012.  In that time I’ve been fortunate to across the country in different facilities, and worked with a lot of different people with different skill sets.

One thing that I’ve learned in that time is that everyone needs to start somewhere, and it can be hard to find the right information quickly and easily.  While other training services require a monthly subscription to get started, or free online tutorials give disjointed information, I wanted to put together a class that gives everyone the basics, for free.


Really?  Whats the catch?
Well I’ll be honest with you.  The reason why I have this class out there is a few different reasons.

  1.  I believe everyone should know the basics.  This class is aimed squarely at beginners.
  2. A rising tide lifts all boats. When everyone knows the basics it gives people room to advance faster
  3. It’s training I wish I had when I was learning video editing.
  4. Its a preview of my teaching style.  While earning the basics might be all you need, I’m confident that if you need to learn something quickly and efficiently, I can offer customized advanced training to you or your team.


The course and what you will learn:

This course is geared towards those who have never used Premiere Pro, those new to video editing, or moving to Premiere form another editing suite.

This course is a preview of my professional training in premiere pro and can be considered the bare minimum. It does NOT go into fine details of premiere Pro and its feature set, but acts as a means to get people up and running as fast as possible.

Here’s the set of ten lessons

Lesson 1 Getting to know the workspace

In this lesson get to know the workspace of Adobe Premiere Pro

Lesson 2 Setting up projects

In this lesson we explore setting up projects, scratch disks and some other key features to make sure you start on the right foot

Lesson 3 Sequences

720×480? SD? HD? PAR?  Learn the ins and outs of setting up sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro so your video can look its best.

Lesson 4 Importing Media

In this Lesson we explore importing media.  You will learn how Premiere handles media, image sequences, Photoshop & Illustrator media

Lesson 5 Basics of Editing

In this lesson we look at in / out  points, sub clips, and talk about the basics of editing.

Lesson 6 Transitions / Ripple edits / Slip edits

In this lesson we talk about transitions and the different kinds available in Adobe Premiere Pro.   We also talk about best practices.

Lesson 7 Effects, Adjustment Layers, Keyframes

In this lesson we look at how effects work in Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as adjustment layers and creating custom presets.

Lesson 8 Audio

In lesson 8 we explore how audio works in Premiere Pro, and look at the track mixer and voiceovers.

Lesson 9 Titles

In this lesson learn about how titles work in Premiere, Creating templates, exporting them, and using title styles

Lesson 10 Exports

We come full circle in this lesson and talk about resolution, fps, and outputs when working with Premiere.



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