Motion Challenge Week #3 – Gravity

Week #3 – Gravity

Ends 7/26/19
What goes up- may come down! For this challenge, use the Gravity filter in someway for your project.
Must somehow use the gravity Filter inlcuded with Apple Motion.
Think rain or snow, or bubbles. Keep this project under 10 seconds and dont let it get you down.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week in the challenge.
Here is a Youtube playlist of all the different entries.

Euan Williamson

Iain Anderson

Mark McDonald

Adam Scoffield

Giddy Video

Thanks to everyone who submitted items to the Weekly challenge!
Make sure you come back next week for the next challenge.

Each Week a challenge is presented in terms of a : Theme, Filter Behavior, Discipline etc. An example could be a theme of “WATER” Or an example of discipline can be – “Compositing” An example of a behavior could be “Gravity” in which you need to incorporate the Gravity behavior into your project.

The Weekly Motion challenge is non-competitive and open to all skill levels.
Participation is not required from week to week if you are not interested in a certain challenge or don’t have time to participate.

If you would like to participate- Please visit this page for the current challenge.
Weekly Motion Challenge

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