Weekly Motion Challenge


Week #8 – Animated lower third

Ends 8/30/19
Who, what, where, when, why?
In this challenge create an animated lower third title.
Animate it in and animate it out and apply it to some footage.
Think news titles, Television, location markers and everything in between. Use animated elements, or static elements.
When you’re done- consider posting it somewhere online for other people to use!
Maximum time should be 10 seconds- Even with a long name like “Stanislaw Robert Luberda”, even the slowest readers will get it in that much time.

***Reminder- Please include a youtube link with your submission.
I cant share or post links from dropbox/google drive/etc.***

Use this form to submit your animation to the weekly challenge!
Weekly Motion Submission Form #8
The weekly Motion challenge is a fun way to test your creative and technical abilities making projects in Apple Motion.  It is non judged and it is open to all skill sets to experiment, learn and share work created in Apple Motion.
Challenges are presented on Mondays around 4pm ( -6 GMT) and challenge closes at 5 pm (-6 GMT) the following Friday.

Each Week a challenge is presented in terms of a : Theme, Filter, Behavior, Discipline etc. An example could be a theme of “WATER”.
An example of discipline can be – “Compositing”.
An example of a behavior could be “Gravity” in which you need to incorporate the Gravity behavior into your project. For complete rules see below.

The Weekly Motion challenge is non-competitive and open to all skill levels.
Participation is not required from week to week if you are not interested in a certain challenge or don’t have time to participate.

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