Weekly Motion challenge

Every Monday a challenge is announced. These can include a certain topic, theme, effect, behavior, or workflow in Apple motion. Entries can be submitted until 4pm the following Friday (-6 gmt) and collected into a YouTube playlist and this website.

Members that are participating are expected to adhear to YouTube’s community standards in posting and commenting.

Only offer feedback and constructive criticism when explicitly asked for it. If you want feedback or constructive criticism or critique please explicitly request it with you submission.

Basic rules:

Open to all skill levels.

Must be completed in Apple motion.

Plugins can be used as long as they are within Apple motion.

Cannot use items from prebuilt or purchased templates. The point is to challenge yourself in Apple motion.

Can be edited with final cut or exported with compressor- but not another suite.

Must adhere to the challenge at least loosely

Must stick to challenge maximum time – usually 5-10 seconds.

No entry can violate YouTube’s community standards.

Completed challenges should be uploaded to YouTube with the title “Motion challenge week #” along with the number and theme in the title. Once uploaded- full out weekly form to be included in the website.

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