Using the Rigid Mask Tracker in Premiere Pro

When editing video, theres inevitably a time where we run into some problems.  Perhaps the model has a blemish? Maybe our talent is slightly underexposed, or we beed to blur out someone in the background.  And then the decision of, “Can I fix this in Premiere or do I need to use After Effects?”

In the 2015 version of Premiere Pro, they have introduced the rigid mask tracker first seen in After effects.  In fact, now in premiere you can mask and select different areas of a shot on any effect.

In the past If i wanted to say brighten a models face or blur out some imperfections, I would have to bring the footage into After Effects and mask it out and rotoscope each frame to isolate it from the remainder of the shots.  Using the Rigid Mask Tracker has now Allowed me to do all of that right in Premiere.  Amazing right?  Well yes and no. Its an incredibly powerful tool, but there are some serious caveats to using it reliably and as a way to speed up our time in front of our editing stations.

In this tutorial we look at the following topics:

What is the rigid mask tracker?

How do we activate it?

Changing colors or tones in a scene?

Feathering a tracked mask.

Using a mosaic effect to obscure a passerby.

Using a bezier mask tracked path.

Limitations and Caveats of using the rigid mask tracker.

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