Understanding Proxy & Optimized Media in FCPX

By using proxy media in FCPX you can edit hi res (4k 6k 8k) video on older machines or on the go- without compromising your efficiency.

In this lesson I explain the following:

Demands of editing for your workstation: 0:26

Comparing file sizes of optimized and Proxy media: 1:12

Working with large files and resolutions : 2:33

Creating optimized/proxy media at import: 3:01

What exactly is optimized/proxy media: 3:14

Switching between optimized/proxy media: 4:54

What if I dont have proxy media: 5:34

How can I create proxy media without reimporting : 6:16

Editing on a separate machine /copying proxy media : 7:28

Using the inspector to determine media status: 9:22

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