Advanced Apple Motion

Course Summary

In our Apple Motion Intermediate training course we take a deeper dive into keyframe interpolation, filters and effects. We will explore the use of masking in our compositions, as well as look at extended use of behaviors. Furthermore we will use emitters and replicators to add depth to our projects. Lastly we will explore the world of 3d compositions in Motion including light layers and cameras.
After this introductory training session, participants should understand most of the features Motion has to often in terms of compositing and motion graphics. Additionally students should understand how 3D layer groups function, as well as cameras and light layers.

Upon completion of this session, attendees should be fluent in the software and have the necessary resources for creating compelling compositions. In addition to creating assets for use in Motion, attendees should be able to create resubale,

adjustable motion graphic templates/titles and transitions for use within Final Cut Pro X.

Contact for class

Course Outline:
Session 1-

  1. Introduction
  2. Advanced Compositing Principles
  3. Speed changes
  4. Advanced Linking parameters
  5. Advanced Motion Graphics
  6. Rigging
  7. Sliders
  8. Checkboxes
  9. Pop up menu
  10. Publishing widgets
  11. Review

Session 2-

  1. Review of previous lesson
  2. FCPX title Generators
  3. Creating Custom text Behaviors
  4. FCPX transitions
  5. Creating custom effects for FCPX
  6. Using/modifying rigged generators
  7. 3D text and titles
  8. Materials and 3D asset properties
  9. Review

Click to download a detailed course outline-

Who this class is for:

This class is geared towards those that have completed the Intermediate Apple Motion class, as well as professionals who may have used other visual effects software previously and understand the basics of compositing.

To determine your suitability for this class, contact us for more information

Duration of class:
12 total hours of training delivered in two 6-hour sessions across two consecutive days with breaks every hour and a half. One hour lunch break. This class includes examples, as well as exercises for the student to complete.


– Completion of the Intermediate Apple Motion  training is strongly recommended.

A background in video production is recommended, however it is not required. – Apple Motion, along with the remainder of the Final Cut Studio is Mac OSX exclusive. General familiarity with Mac is required for class participation. If you have any questions about your suitability for class please contact us.

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