Motion Weekly Challenge #2 – “SUMMER”

Week #2 – “SUMMER”
Our first week was a success with some great work! It’s July and its warm in Milwaukee Wis (we get snow around 7 months of the year) so this week we are going a little broad with the theme of “SUMMER”
What does SUMMER mean to you? A beach scene? A Picnic? Bright sunshine or campfires? parties or quiet warm evenings with fireflies? Fireworks and summer love?
Create anything from an animation to a small title or anything in between- but keep it under 30 seconds maximum.

This weeks entries include:

Videos uploaded to Youtube Playlist:

Iain Anderson

Frank Brown

Mark McDonald

Robert Bailey


Giddy Video

Stanislaw Luberda

Each Week a challenge is presented in terms of a : Theme, Filter Behavior, Discipline etc. An example could be a theme of “WATER” Or an example of discipline can be – “Compositing” An example of a behavior could be “Gravity” in which you need to incorporate the Gravity behavior into your project.

The Weekly Motion challenge is non-competitive and open to all skill levels.
Participation is not required from week to week if you are not interested in a certain challenge or don’t have time to participate.

If you would like to participate- Please visit this page for the current challenge.
Weekly Motion Challenge

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