Apple Motion Professional Training #9 – 3D Layers

Up until this point we have been working mostly in 2D space. In this lesson we explore 3D layers and benefits.

Grab the exercise file from the YouTube Description.

In this lesson I cover the following topics:

0:12 Review of what we will be making-
0:22 Start of lesson-
0:45 3D and 2D layers in Apple Motion-
1:57 Changing layer groups into 3D-
2:24 Changing Z space position of layers-
2:42 Adding a point light to our 3D scene-
3:29 Adding a Camera object layer-
3:42 Camera controls and views-
5:14 Rotating layer groups in 3D space-
5:36 Arranging layers in XYZ space-
6:00 Using Dropzones in 3D space-
6:14 The 3D gizmo tool-
7:08 Using the multi-view pane-
8:00 Adding a floor and setting reflections-
8:53 Adjusting reflection properties-
9:41 Setting your Camera view using the Camera control tools- 10:24 Using multiple lights in a scene-
11:13 Isolated view of layers-
11:42 Using keyframes for camera movement-
12:40 Camera Behaviors-
12:58 Using the Dolly Behavior-
13:46 Using the Framing Behavior-
14:30 Adjusting the Framing Behavior-
15:37 Setting near and Far Fades in your Camera layer-
16:09 Using the Camera Sweep Behavior-
16:44 Adjusting the Sweet Behavior-
17:00 Fine tuning our Composition and wrap up-


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