Apple Motion Professional Training #8 – Replicators

Replicators are similar to emitter but also there are some big differences- learn about them here.

In this lesson I cover the following topics-

0:30 Getting Started
0:51 Making a replicator
1:10 What does a replicator do?
1:30 The main difference between an Emitter and Replicator
1:56 A tour of Replicator controls
3:19 Cell Controls
3:30 Replication angles
4:33 Color Mode
5:31 Replicator Scale

7:12 Making things a little more complex
7:46 Replicating Layer Groups
9:00 Altering Layer anchor point for Replication
9:48 Replicating Replicators
12:18 Sequence Replicator Behavior
14:33 Adjusting the Sequence Replicator
15:57 Adding multiple parameters to a Sequence Replicator
16:47 Building an example using Replicators
18:40 Using a Text Sequence Behavior

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