Apple Motion Professional Training #7 – Emitters

Emitters are a great way to produce a lot of something in a short amount of time!


0:33 Examples of emitters
0:50 What we will create in this lesson
1:11 Creating a background
1:30 Adjust gradients
1:55 The basics of Emitters
2:30 Creating an Emitter system
3:20 Emitter properties
3:29 Emitter shapes
3:50 Adjust Emitter shapes
5:25 Cell Controls
5:53 Birth rate
6:53 Birth rate randomness
7:12 Initial number
7:36 Life & Life Randomness
9:03 Speed
9:32 Color mode & opacity over life
12:19 Scale & Scale randomness
13:29 Duplicating and adjusting emitters
16:18 Adding filters and finishing the scene
17:08 Exploring included emitters

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