Apple Motion Professional Training #12- part 2 Cameras and Clones

In this lesson we are going to take what we know about Cameras and dropzones and behaviors and make a 3D intro that you can use for whatever you would like.

You can follow along with the exercise lesson here- or just use it for your own projects.

If you end up using it in something be sure to leave a link in the comments- I’d love to see it.

In Part 1-
you learned all about the cameras and how they work.
if you are looking for that lesson you can find it here:

In this lesson I cover the following topics:
0:13 Example of lesson
0:28 Start of lesson
1:25 dropzone frames
1:50 Duplicating objects
2:19 Adjusting Cameras Far Plane
2:32 adjusting dropzones in 3D space
3:38 Clone Layers
4:20 Is it possible to make a clone of another clone?
4:36 What are the benefits of using clones?
6:31 Setting our framing behavior
7:33 Ram Previews in apple motion
7:43 Duplicating behaviors
8:42 creating a FLIP motion with framing behavior
10:22 Dolly behavior
11:08 Adding sweep behaviors
11:30 Special notes on Sweep behaviors
13:16 Why we don’t always want to use Depth of field
14:07 Background blurs without depth of field
15:14 Wrap up
15:27 Preview of next lesson- Publishing templates for Final Cut Pro X

Thanks a lot for watching and if you have any suggestions on topics be sure to drop me a line.


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