Apple Motion Professional Training #12- Cameras part 1

In this 2 part lesson you will learn about cameras in apple motion along with all the functions associated with them.

In Part 1-
You are going to learn all about the camera.

In Part 2-
You will make an animated intro with dropzones, behaviors, and clones!

Grab the lesson file if you would like to follow along: lesson File

Topics covered in this lesson:
0:12 Overview of lesson
0:24 What we cover in part 2
0:38 Start of lesson
1:21 The Framing camera
2:09 The Viewpoint camera
3:19 The angle of view in the framing camera
4:04 The angle of view in the viewpoint camera
4:18 Real lens comparisons using the HUD
4:39 Depth of field in Apple Motion
6:35 setting specific depth of fields lengths
7:11 The focus offset
7:33 Setting the Near Focus
8:17 Setting the Far Focus
8:37 Infinite focus
9:11 Depth of field filter types
9:34 Gaussian
9:43 Defocus
10:51 Near and Far fade
11:46 Adjusting Near and far fade parameters
13:30 Zoom to and Focus Behaviors
14:00 Zoom to Behavior example and setup
14:40 Focus Behavior
15:15 Focus Behavior example
15:37 How to use the Focus behavior
16:40 Using Wriggle to create camera shake
17:28 Adjusting the Wriggle behavior
18:00 Wrap up

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