Apple Motion Professional Training #1 – Introduction

Intro to Apple motion Lesson 1- Getting Started

In this lesson we will cover the following topics:

0:30 What IS apple motion?
0:52 Why should I use it?
1:24 Price comparison to After Effects
4:00 Operating system concerns
5:49 The Motion 5 Interface
7:31 Importing items
9:38 The Library
10:58 Groups and layers
12:34 The Inspector
12:50 Adjusting properties in the inspector
15:04 Creating text layers
17:47 Duplication
20:58 Introduction to behaviors
24:57 2D- 3D layers
26:00 Arranging items in 3D space
26:39 Reflections
27:56 Using the throw behavior in 3D space
28:47 Using a Fade in Fade out behavior

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