Apple Motion Professional Training #28 – Push Titles

Create titles titles that Push your videoThis lesson is based on the title pack by LENOFX.COM
Sidebar Titles.
I was not in any way compensated for this video.
I had a request on how to make one of these, and I spoke with Leno from LENOFX to see if it was ok to do one of these as a lesson and he said it was fine.Special Thanks to LENOFX for letting me cover this.
Be sure to check out his website for more great title packs.


You can follow along by purchasing the lesson files:***NOTE***
You do not NEED the lesson files to complete this exercise, but your purchase helps me make more of these.In this lesson, we will cover the following topics:
0:04 Overview of Lesson
0:13 Check out LenoFX Sidebar title templates for sale at:
0:29 Review of 29 A END
1:01 How these titles work in FCPX
1:32 Start of Lesson 28 A
2:02 Setting Mark in and Out
2:36 Building the title bar
3:08 Using the Adjust Item tool with Gradients
4:08 Setting the Anchor point of our second Rectangle
4:40 Publishing the X Scale of the rectangle shape
5:10 Changing the color of the Duplicated Rectangle
5:36 Setting a Drop Shadow
5:57 Setting a shape for Dropzone
6:28 Set a dropzone and apply image mask
7:07 Creating a stroke for our Dropzone
7:58 Adding text to our title
9:14 Reviewing our layers
9:27 Animating the Title bar
10:05 Using the Disable Animation function
10:34 Using a Drift in Behavior
11:30 Using a Duplicate behavior and animate “backwards”
13:11 Animating the Title Background
13:50 Special note about animating the Background
14:32 Copy Pasting Keyframes and “Reverse Keyframes”
15:42 Changing the Background to a “Title Background Placeholder”16:53 Review Example 28 B
17:13 Start of Lesson 28 B
17:32 Poster Frames
18:25 Animate the Title Group
19:30 Animating the Bullet points
19:42 Using the LINK behavior to control several items at once
20:20 Using Behaviors VS. Keyframes
21:09 Using keyframes for the Bullet points
21:50 Completing the animated bullet points using Duplicates
22:03 Using the Anchor point to offset animation
22:47 Fine tuning the animation
22:50 Animating the Background
23:50 Convert Dropzone to Title Placeholder
24:20 Wrap of Lesson
Be sure to check out in you want to purchase some templatesf you learned something from this- consider supporting these lessons and my work by purchasing my titles and transition packs at:

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