Apple Motion Professional Training #26 – Creating an Animated Map

In this (slightly) advanced Lesson, we will be creating an Animated map generator with Dropzones and cameras to animated locations in Motion and FCPX. This example is part of a much larger Generator Pack that will be released in June 2018: Ultra Travel


Follow along by downloading the lesson media here:

Topics included in this lesson:
0:02 Overview of lesson
0:15 Review of Lesson 26 End
1:17 using dropzones
1:43 usage as a generator in FCPX
3:00 tour of rigged/published parameters
3:21 Start of exercise
3:44 Building the table and map with dropzones
4:52 urning overlays On/Off
5:43 stylizing with drop shadows
6:39 Building the animated locator
9:20 Rotating the table in 3D space
9:45 Adding a camera
10:55 Scaling the waypoint with cameras
12:00 Adding the framing behavior
13:05 Creating a camera target with a Null Object
16:00 Changing the path offset in the framing behavior
16:52 Adding animated text
18:31 Creating an offset rotation
19:40 Animating the location text
20:05 Creating a sweep camera movement
21:38 Adding an End frame plate
23:13 Publishing parameters
27:21 Publishing the generator for Final Cut Pro X
28:21 Testing the generator
28:55 Preview of my Ultra Travel pack

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