Apple Motion Professional Training #22 – 2 Point Trackers

2 point trackers let us align text and object along a Pivoting surface like in this case along this castle wall. In this lesson we will explore the differences in 1 point and 2 point trackers and how to use 2 point trackers effectively.

Specific topics in this lesson include:
0:11 Review of previous Lesson (intro to Motion tracking, Match move Behavior)
0:27 Lesson Example
0:34 The difference between 1 point and 2 point trackers
1:12 Start of Lesson
1:48 Using the Match move and 2 point tracking
2:06 Adding the Rotation Track Point
2:37 Changing the color of individual trackers
2:52 Adjusting track size and Search Size in trackers]
3:12 Smart retry and Track Fail behavior actions
3:44 Analyzing multiple trackers
4:24 Copy and paste a tracker to another layer/group
5:16 Adjusting your tracked object
5:45 Wrap up of 2 point Tracker Lesson

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