Apple Motion Professional Training #21 – Intro To Motion Tracking (Match Move)

In this lesson you will learn the basics of Motion tracking using the Match Move Behavior in Apple Motion. We will look at a few different examples to attach Text and Logos to objects moving on the canvas as well as look at what happens when we run into problematic footage.


Specific topics covered in this lesson include the following:
0:09 Review of what we will cover
0:34 Example 2-3
1:09 Start of Lesson
1:18 Reviewing footage in example
1:40 Note about Trackers
1:59 Tracker Tip #1 – How a tracker works in the canvas
2:18 Tracker Tip #2 – what makes food track points
3:00 using the tracking Behavior (match Move)
3:35 Overview of Match Move in the inspector
5:47 Setting the Tracker Target Point
6:04 The Tracker Preview window and Auto Zooms
6:41 Specify your track start in timeline
7:01 Analyze (track) your footage
7:41 Modify Track point and Retracking
8:25 Review your Match Move
8:37 Adjusting your Tracked object position
9:14 Modify movement of tracked keyframe data

10:04 Example 2 start
10:20 Tracking from a moving Camera
10:36 Tracking tip- Let Motion suggest Track Points (Tip from Mark Spencer – who literally wrote the last few books on Apple Motion)
11:01 Analyze footage and set object match move

11:46 Example 3- what happens when 1 point rackers don’t work?
12:52 Topic for Next lesson -2 Point Trackers
13:20 Wrap up

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