Apple Motion Professional Training #20 – Rotoscoping

This is a 4 part lesson on masks that cover a majority of the ways I use masks in my work. The three masking lesson in this set are- 17- Using Image Masks to create an Animated title 18- Screen replacements 19- Sky replacements, 20- Rotoscoping

In this lesson we will cover the following topics:
0:13 Review of Previous Lessons
0:21 Lesson Example
1:19 Rotoscope Lesson Start
1:52 Masking review
2:17 masking Vs Image Masks Shape layers
2:59 Breaking the Roto into smaller shapes
3:12 Creating a shape layer for our cup
3:22 Note about Where to start your Roto
3:47 Creating a Group for your Roto Shapes
4:00 Fine tuning your Start Frame Shape and Why
4:42 Reviewing the Geometric Points of shape in the Inspector
4:59 Create your first keyframe
5:21 Animating your Roto Layer
6:02 Notes about Keyframes, Roto,
6:25 Continue Roto in Opposite Direction
6:45 Note about Transformation Vs. Geometry changes
7:22 How far away should Keyframes be?
7:52 Fine tuning the Roto in between keyframes
9:09 Starting the Second Roto shape / Adjusting Color
9:38 Timelapse Of Rotoscoping for lesson
9:58 Setting the Roto Image Mask
10:28 Soften mask with Matte Magic
11:37 using Shape Layers Text layers
12:03 Why using Shapes is important to use for other suites
12:38 Wrap up of lesson

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You can follow along with the lesson plan with the exercise here:

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