Apple Motion Professional Training #19- Simple sky replacements

This is a 4 part lesson on masks that cover a majority of the ways I use masks in my work. The 4 masking lesson in this set are- 17- Using Image Masks to create an Animated title, 18- Screen replacements, 19- Sky replacements,20- Rotoscoping

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You can follow along with the lesson plan with the exercise here:
You can grab the Exercise FILE here:

In this lesson we will cover the following topics:
0:05 Review of this lesson
0:15 Review of previous Mask lesson
0:25 Demo of this lesson

0:51 Start of lesson PART 1
1:27 What will will replace
1:50 Use a bezier mask to cut out the sky
2:05 adjusting the composite to match
3:35 Animating the replaced sky
4:50 Isolating and coloring the water
5:35 Using effects to color the isolated water
5:52 Feathering a mask
6:19 Fine tuning our coloring
6:56 End of sky replacement 1

6:57 Start of Sky replacement 2
7:01 Review of challenge of the second sky replacement
7:18 Introduction to Luma Keying
7:31 What is a Luma keyer? Using a Luma Key
7:59 Using the Luma Keyer controls
8:19 Creating a solid Matte
8:40 Dealing with problematic areas
9:32 Reviewing for any final issues.
9:57 Isolating and masking problem areas

11:10 Preview of Rotoscoping in Apple Motion

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