Apple Motion Professional Training #17- Image Masks

This is a 4 part lesson on masks that cover a majority of the ways I use masks in my work.
The three masking lesson in this set are- 17- Using Image Masks to create an Animated title 18- Screen replacements 19- Sky replacements, 20- Rotoscoping

You can follow along with the lesson plan with the exercise here:
You can grab the Exercise FILE here:

In this lesson we will cover the following topics:
0:12 – Welcome and breakdown of three lessons
0:22 – Lesson Example we will make
0:38 – Overview of Sky and Screen Replacement
0:54 – Rotoscoping lesson demo

1:11 Start of lesson
1:18 review the materials
1:47- Background layer provided by BEEPLE-
2:38 Using a bezier mask on our layout
2:50 Using a IMAGE mask from duplicate shapes
3:27 Resizing our mask
4:25 Invert mask
4:57 Create our outline using another Duplicate
5:42 Reorder Layer stacks
6:16 Making a backplate for our text
7:23 Animate the text layers
7:36 Link to Text Behavior Lesson
7:50 Arrange In our title
8:32 Masking the Text Layer
8:44 Caveat about Transparent Mask Sources
9:39 Duplicating text behavior animation
10:32 Adjusting Mask Path Points
11:29 Animating the Subtitle
11:59 Mask the Subtitle
12:49 Animate the entire title using a MOVE behavior
13:34 Stylize our title
13:47 Using the Light Rays filter
14:14 Using the GLINT filnter
15:28 Using the WRITE ON BEHAVIOR for the outline

Be sure the check out the next lesson on screen replacements

If you learned something from this- consider supporting these lessons and my work by purchasing my titles and transition packs at:

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