Apple Motion Professional Training #16- Building Custom Transitions for FCPX

In this lesson learn how transitions work in Final Cut Pro X,
and how you can use Apple Motion to create you own transitions.
We will make 3 different transitions in this lesson and if you are looking for more- I’ve got 5 Free transitions I’m giving away.

Link to the Exercise file:

Link to the 5 Free 4K transitions-

In this lesson we over the following topics:
0:15 Transitions in FCPX
0:37 Review of the transitions we will be making in this lesson
1:10 Understanding handles in footage
1:40 How transitions work in FCPX
2:16 Creating transitions without enough media
3:00 Previewing transitions in Final Cut Pro X
3:09 Find transition locations in Finder

3:30 Final Cut Transition in Apple Motion Menu
4:15 Overview of Transition projects in Apple Motion
5:01 Building a diagonal Wipe Transition
5:10 Drawing a rectangle shape matte
5:25 Animating the matte with a Move Behavior
5:58 Adjust the Wipe Color
6:04 Duplicate the Shape layer
6:28 Using placeholder images in Transitions placeholders
6:58 adjusting and finessing the animation
7:15 Publishing color choices
7:40 Publishing your transition for Final Cut Pro X

8:54 building the Circle wipe transition
9:02 Using a Circle shape
9:28 Adjusting the Scale animation using keyframes

NOTE- I DUPLICATED the Circle layer- This was omitted from the edit and I apologize for the inconvenience.

10:20 Using a Duplicate circle to reveal transition B
10:50 Using Mask Images in Apple Motion
11:07 Invert the Mask Selection
11:30 Publish the color choice
11:34 Publish the Transition Tenplate

11:57 Building the 3rd transitions Blind reveal
12:43 Using a rectangle and Replicator to build a transition
13:31 Using a Sequence Replicator for a transition
14:00 Adjust scale replicator sequence
14:15 Using a Replicator as a mask Source
14:40 publishing the third transition

15:08 Overview of 5 free transitions giveaway

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