Apple Motion Professional Training #15 – Rigs


Rigs designed in Motion are predominately used for templates, titles and generators in Final Cut Pro. The purpose of rig to to attach several parameters to controllers allowing quick changes that can make your templates more versatile.

You can follow along with the exercise lesson here- or just use it for your own projects.
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In this lesson I cover the following topics:
0:30 Overview of Rigs
0:41 Example of the Rig we will be making
1:34 Why use rigs?
2:24 Tour of completed rig example.
2:56 Example of how a rig is structured
3:15 What do rigs DO?
3:34 Start of exercise
3:59 How to create a Rig in Apple Motion
4:11 Making a Checkbox Rig
4:37 Rig the Background Opacity to the checkbox Rig
5:28 Checkbox Rig edit mode.
6:31 Making a Slider Rig
7:05 Adding additional points to slider choices.
8:32 Important notice about Duplicating or copying Rigs.
9:12 Making Pop-up Rigs
9:37 Overview of Snapshots in Pop-up Rigs
10:12 Rig different snapshots to different parameters
11:43 Publishing your Rigged Motion Template for Final Cut Pro X
12:00 Testing your Rigged Motion Template in Final Cut Pro X
12:40 Free 10 pack of titles and lower thirds giveaway!

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