Apple Motion Professional Training #14-Title Templates

Title Templates can be a huge time saver in editing and post production. In this lesson learn how to make your own title templates. At the end of the lesson is a free 10 pack giveaway too!

In this lesson I cover the following topics:
0:26 Difference between Generators and Titles
2:00 How do we get our templates to show in title?
2:28 Make a Final Cut Pro Title
2:40 The Title Background in Title Templates
3:07 Copying your Motion Project to a Title Template
3:30 Applying an effect to the Title Background
4:30 Saving your Final Cut Pro Title Template
5:09 Testing your new Title
5:22 Retiming your Titles
5:53 Making changes to your Title Template
6:42 Setting Build in and Build Out parameters
8:17 Toggle Build in/Out and other parameters
8:50 Using multiple copies of the same Title
10:00 Wrap up and FREE giveaway
10:50 Next lesson

You can follow along with the exercise lesson here- or just use it for your own projects.

If you liked the titles in the video I have them for the low cost of:
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If you have ever found my lessons useful you can set your own price and proceeds go to me making more of these lessons.

You can find it, along with a few other packs here-

You are free to use it but cannot sell it or redistribute it.
If you end up using it in something be sure to leave a link in the comments- I’d love to see it.

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