Apple Motion Professional Training #5 – Creating a Lower Third

Making lower third graphics in Apple Motion.

This is a 2 part lesson.
In Part 1 we deconstruct the design of one I recently created for a show on broadcast, and design it from the ground up.
Learn the basics of lower third design that can be used for titles or Q+A type graphics on your productions.


Topics in this lesson include:
0:51 Review the built example
2:50 Starting the example project
3:27 Safe Zones
4:06 Making the title and subtitle bar
5:25 Create a rounded bevel
6:14 Creating a reveal bar
6:37 Creating our text
7:52 Adding the logo Drop Zone




Topics in Part 2-

Topics in this lesson:
0:52 settings masks for the title
1:34 adjusting animation timing
2:16 setting the mask for subtitle
3:27 Building the reveal mask
4:10 Creating an invisible mask
5:41 using a LINK behavior
7:22 How does the reveal mask work?
7:57 Animate a wipe on and wipe off
8:50 Export a “clear title” (alpha channel title)
9:44 Save as a template for Final Cut Pro X !


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