Apple Motion Professional Training #4 – DropZones

Dropzones make customizing graphics fun and easy!


Topics I include in this lesson are:

0:09 Introduction-
0:14 Examples we will use/build
0:45 What are drop zones?
0:56 Creating drop zones
1:23 Placing items in drop zones-
1:56 Replacing items in dropzones-
2:10 Creating full screen drop zone in the example-
4:05 Trim drop zones duration-
4:20 Duplicating drop zones-
6:11 Adjusting the clip play frames within a drop zone-

Creating a series of drop zones that attached to a group

8:30 Creating a polaroid-
9:06 Adding text to the group-
10:15 Mask a dropzone-
11:00 Add a reflectance to the polaroid-
12:10 Animating the drop zone group-
13:04 Using the Keyframe graph editor to finesse the animation-
13:22 Duplication and animating additional drop zone groups-
15:53 Adjust the image within a drop zone –

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