Apple Motion Professional Training #27- Animated Handwriting

Apple Motion Professional Training 27 –
Animated Handwriting effectIn this lesson we are taking a look at creating a Write on handwriting effect for text and or graphics in Apple Motion.
Special thanks to George Edmondson and Seed Creative
for letting me use this as an example in this lesson.
If you are looking for some top notch video work check out what Seed Creative can do for you!
This is not a paid endorsement- just really does great work.

Follow along by downloading the lesson media here:

Topics included in this lesson:
0:04 intro to lesson
0:15 preview of lesson example
0:35 Overview of Lesson 27 END1:28 Start of lesson
1:42 Limitations of this tehniques
2:24 demonstration of handwrite technique
3:30 Write on Behavior
4:00 Using the Write on behavior on a SHAPE layer
4:35 Use the pen tool to create an animated matte
4:48 Fine tune tangents
5:15 Animate a pen Stroke
5:50 Break tangent handles for more control
8:07 Accessing the Stroke parameter
8:27 Adjusting Width over Stroke
8:59 Accessing the Alpha Overlay view
9:29 Why you would want to adjust the width over time
10:05 Working with the exercise file to create the effect
10:52 Timing out the draw on behaviors
11:24 Animating the flourishes
12:30 making a matte for the flourishes
14:22 Save time by using clones
14:55 Animate the remaining text with a text behavior
15:30 Adding and animating a Camera
16:04 dealing with Clone layers in 3d groups
16:41 Animating the camera with a framing behavior
17:21 The benefits of using a camera in its own group
18:55 creating a shallow depth of field
19:52 Wrap up of LessonIf you learned something from this- consider supporting these lessons and my work by purchasing my titles and transition packs at:

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