Motion Challenge Week #1

Week #1 – Challenge: Opening title stinger.

To kick off the weekly Motion Challenge let’s start with create a 5-10 second Title animation in Apple Motion.
This could be your name, a fictional tv show or production, really anything as long as its 5-10 seconds and seems “Title-Ish”

Thanks to everyone who participated this week in the challenge.
Here is a Youtube playlist of all the different entries.

Below are the individual links to all the submitted participating videos.
Be sure to check them out.

By Adam Scoffield

Ian Anderson

Mark McDonald

Robert Bailey


Xul Rether

Billy Causey


Daniel Ford

Stanislaw Luberda

Each Week a challenge is presented in terms of a : Theme, Filter Behavior, Discipline etc. An example could be a theme of “WATER” Or an example of discipline can be – “Compositing” An example of a behavior could be “Gravity” in which you need to incorporate the Gravity behavior into your project.

The Weekly Motion challenge is non-competitive and open to all skill levels.
Participation is not required from week to week if you are not interested in a certain challenge or don’t have time to participate.

If you would like to participate- Please visit this page for the current challenge.
Weekly Motion Challenge

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