mO2 Tutorials

mO2 from MotionVFX takes Apple Motion to a whole new level.
With the ability to use 3D objects and geometry with realtime renders and physical based materials, theres no wonder its a favorite with animators everywhere.

Dont Know about mO2?
Check out a preview here:

I’ve been lucky enough to work with MotionVFX and put together a series of mO2 Training tutorials. Check them out here:

mO2 Official MotionVFX tutorial created by Stanislaw Robert Luberda

Getting Started with mO2 in Apple Motion
Getting started with mO2 in Final Cut Pro
m02 Materials
mO2 Instancer
mO2 Backgrounds
mO2 Environments
mO2 import 3D objects
mO2 1.0.5 New features
mO2 Create SVGs using Illustrator
mO2 Create SVGs using Gimp
mO2- Create SVGs using Inkscape
mO2- How to use mO2 Logo Plugin Pack

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