Lower thirds in After Effects: 2 of 3: Styled lower thirds

this is part 2 in our 3 part series of creating lower thirds in Adobe After Effects.  In this lesson we will be incorporating design elements and photos to give our Lower thirds some more excitement.

In our first lesson, we looked at what a lower third is, and how to create a very simple one using a shape layer and gradients. In this lesson we will be building upon what we did in part 1 to create a more eye catching design using photos and effects to stle our lower thirds.  When creating a lower third, there are considerations for readability and for imagery so we take a look at that as well. Lastly we package it all together and create a simple fad in and fade out of our completed lower thirds.

In part three of our lessons, we create a full build in and build out of our lower thirds.  So if you are feeling like you are looking for something a little more challenging, you might want to skip to the next lesson.

Creating a Styled lower third in After Effects

Topics covered in this tutorial:


Creating a new composition

Designing the title bar

Adjusting roundness

Using Luma Mattes

Creating a beveled outline

Secondary design elements

Title/Action safe frames

Completing the subtitle bar

Incorporating photo imagery

Readability concerns

In part three we look at creating a build in and build out lower third so its full animated and has some secondary animation out there as well.

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