Lower thirds in After Effects. 1 of 3: Basic static lower thirds

This is part 1 in a 3 part series of creating lower thirds in Adobe After Effects.  If you are new to creating titles and lower thirds I would start here.  In part 2 we look at using several photo elements to design a stylized lower third graphic.  And if you feel comfortable working with After effects, you may want to jump right to lesson 3 where we create a build in and build out lower third animation.

Creating a lower third using shapes in after effects.

In this lesson we are using a basic rectangle shape but giving it an opaque to transparent look for our lower thirds.  Learn how to adjust gradients and animate a simple lower third.

If you are looking for specific topics in this tutorial use these links to jump to that section of the video:


What is a lower third?

Creating the comp

Considerations for lower thirds

Understanding Shape fills

Creating a solid to clear gradient

Adjusting the gradient properties

Creating the title and subtitle

Animating the lower third

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