Keyword & Smart Collections in Final Cut Pro X

Dont struggle with finding the exact clip or take from a shoot, quickly and easily find any media efficiently in FCPX using Keywords and Smart Collections.

It no surprise that Final Cut Pro X is a departure from many other non linear editors out there.  One of the most beneficial aspects of the new editing system is the way it manages and databases media.

I edit in Premiere and FCPX equally but I often log most if not all my clips in FCPX because of the ability to locate the exact clip I need at any time. Even material that i may have shot years ago.

If you are editing with lots of stock elements like particles or graphics its crucial to be able to find those clips without hunting through drives and folders. How comfortable would you be if I asked you to find a specific scene from something shot years ago, outside, with 2 people, at daybreak? Chances are unless you have a specific person cataloguing all of your media, you may give up and just pick a different clip for ease and speed.

In this tutorial you will learn about the following.

Creating keywords from folders: 0:39

Why use keywords: 1:21

Assigning keywords to a clip: 2:05

Viewing individual keyword collections: 3:35

Assigning a keyword to an IN/OUT selection: 4:14

Organizing keywords with folders: 5:46

Creating smart collections : 6:30

How smart collections work : 7:14

Creating shortcuts for assigning keywords : 8:42

Auto populate smart collections: 9:26

Using the search feature : 10:05

Create a smart collection from search: 10:45

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