Apple Motion Professional Training #2 – Keyframes

Keyframes are an animation fundamental. If you are new to animating. or to keyframes this lesson is for you.  In this lesson we explore what keyframes are, and how to start using them in Apple Motion to create compelling motion graphics 


In this tutorial I cover the following topics:

  1. What are Keyframes?
    1. Why use keyframes?
  2. Moving an object in an animation.
    1. What kinds of things can I keyframe?
    2. How to make keyframes?
    3. How to remove keyframes?
    4. How to adjust keyframe?
  3. Animate a box shape
    1. Creating a draw on effect
    2. Fade the interior black
  4. Animate a line
  5. Animating text
    1. Animate Text position
    2. Animate Text kerning
  6. Using masks with text layers
    1. Grouping vs layer
  7. Keyframe interpolation
    1. Using the Graph editor
    2. Adjusting keyframe velocity


If you found this tutorial useful, I’ve got much more online via my youtube channel at: AV-Ultra, so be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with fresh free tutorials.

If you are looking for a class in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere, After Effects, or Element 3D, I am available for instruction for you or your team locally in the Milwaukee/Chicago area.

Not in the area? I am come out to you and train you and your team at your facility.

For more information on classes or instruction visit: Stanislaw Robert

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