Introduction to Element3D

In this tutorial we look at getting started with Element3D.  We take a look at the interface as well as how to create objects, apply materials, and assign groups.

Element3D from Video Copilot is one of my go to tools for creating true 3D objects in After Effects.  Its something that I use on an almost daily basis.  This is a introductory tutorial on the basic functions of setup in Element 3D.  if you are looking for more information or would like to learn everything Element 3D has to offer, check out my training page and inquire about classes.

I am currently available for Face to face training sessions but may be able to do distance training under certain circumstances.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tutorials on Element 3D and other topics.

Looking for Shortcut keys?

Element3d v2 HotKeys

Heres a quick breakdown of the topics covered and links to those sections in the video:

Differences between element and a 3d suite

Getting started

Creating a layer for Element

Scene setup

Tour of the interface

The preview panel

Creating our first object

Resetting the View

Rotating and scaling objects


Using materials

How Element organizes objects

Assigning groups

Viewing multiple groups

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