Introduction to Dropzones

Drop zones are a great feature of Apple motion that lets you use special placeholder your compositions to easily place or replace graphics and video. In this tutorial, get to know drop zones and why they are such a handy feature to have.

Topics I include in this tutorial:

Introduction- :09
Examples we will use/build- :14
What are drop zones?- :45
Creating drop zones – :56
Placing items in drop zones- 1:23
Replacing items in dropzones- 1:56
Creating full screen drop zone in the example- 2:10
Trim drop zones duration- 4:05
Duplicating drop zones- 4:20
Adjusting the clip play frames within a drop zone- 6:11
Creating a series of drop zones that attached to a group

Creating a polaroid- 8:30
Adding text to the group- 9:06
Mask a dropzone- 10:15
Add a reflectance to the polaroid- 11:00
Animating the drop zone group- 12:10
Using the Keyframe graph editor to finesse the animation- 13:04
Duplication and animating additional drop zone groups- 13:22
Adjust the image within a drop zone -15:53
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