Apple Motion Professional Training Lesson #1

In this free tutorial- you will learn a general overview on how Apple Motion works to create a quick animated title. If you have never used Motion, or have done any kind of Motion graphics in the past this lesson is for you.

In this lesson we will cover the following topics:

What IS apple motion?
Why should I use it?
Price comparison to After Effects
Operating system concerns
The Motion 5 Interface
Importing items
The Library
Groups and layers
The Inspector
Adjusting properties
Creating text layers
Introduction to behaviors
2D- 3D layers
Arranging items in 3D space
Using the throw behavior in 3D space
Using a Fade in Fade out behavior

This is the first in a series of Apple Motion tutorials. If you are looking for more tutorials be sure to subscribe to my channel AV-Ultra, where I have tutorials on Premiere Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro X, Element 3D, Mocha, and many others.

If you are looking for formal training in video production or motion graphics, editing software, I am a technical trainer based in Milwaukee WI, and have classes available. I offer classroom based learned but can also travel to Your location and work with you and your team.

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