Final Cut Pro X Training Lesson 2- Basic of Editing

If you are new to Final Cut Pro X- it can look a little intimidating since the way it works is different from other Non Linear editing systems.

There is no “Tracks” that many of other systems use, only a Primary and secondary storyline.

In this tutorial you will learn the basic functions of editing in FCPX including the following topics

Reviewing clips 0:36

Changing views of event clips 1:06

Setting In and Out points 2:55

Create new In and Out points 3:40

Append edits 4:17

Insert edits 5:48

Trim edits 7:27

The trim tool 9:25

Connected clips 10:58

Adjusting audio levels 12:01

If you found this tutorial useful, I’ve got much more online via my youtube channel at: AV-Ultra, so be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with fresh free tutorials.

If you are looking for a class in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere, After Effects, or Element 3D, I am available for instruction for you or your team locally in the Milwaukee/Chicago area.

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For more information on classes or instruction visit: Stanislaw Robert

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