Censor/Blur object/People in FCPX with built in tools

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the built in Censor effect within Final cut pro X, to pixelate or blur out a person or object. Additionally you will learn basics of key frame animation in FCPX

If you are working in News as a photojournalist, mmj, reporter, or even just putting something to air, you typically need permission to use someone’s likeness or face etc. in Photoshop or other graphic programs that can be pretty easy, but things can get challenging when you are using video and they may be moving in the scene or the camera is not on a tripod. What do we do then?

A few weeks ago I covered how to accomplish this in Premiere using the Mask tracker feature now bundled with Premiere Pro 2015. But not everyone uses Premiere.
You can find that “here”

If you are looking to pixelate a person or object in FCPX, then this tutorial is for you.



Topics covered in this tutorial:

Using the Effects panel 0:41
Finding effects 0:51

Previewing effects 0:55

Applying effects 1:20
Adjusting parameters 1:54
Animating the effect path3:32
Adjusting keyframes in the timeline 5:37

If you are doing a lot of censoring using final cut with moving objects, you might want to check out a plugin by MotionVFX, which can automate the process for you- called mCensor.

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