FCPX Custom Keyboard Shortcuts- AV-Ultra Quick Tip with guest George Edmondson from Seed Creative


In this video lear how to set up custom keyboard shortcuts from our guest instructor George Edmondson from Seed Creative.

Seed creative is a full video service and home to my favorite flicker remover plugin for FCPX: Seed De-flicker

A little about George:

Check out more of Seed Creative here:


There’s lots of reasons for setting up your own keyboard shortcuts in FCPX. Sometime you may be working a-lot with another editing program and the keys may be slightly different, wouldn’t it be great to make them the same?

If you are performing the same tasks over and over, setting a custom key can shave hours off your productions (those clicks and seconds add up fast!)

Lastly, theres some functions that dont have anything assigned to them at all! In this example George shows you how to set the Automatic Speed command so you can quickly change the playback speed of footage to best fit your productions.

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