Apple Motion Professional Training 07 – Emitters

Apple Motion Professional Training series 07- Emitters

Learn the basics of building emitter systems in Apple Motion.
All emitters contain emitter cells, and a source for the cells, and the emitter system layer. Learn how to set colors, and emitter shapes, as well as opacity over life in this intro to emitters. Emitters are a very large topic and there will be further lessons covering some of the other features of emitters in the future.


You will learn what an emitter is, what it is made of and how to adjust them to create a simple bokeh Background scene in Apple Motion.

Topics included in this lesson:

:33 Examples of emitters

:50 What we will create in this lesson

1:11 Creating a background

1:30 Adjust gradients 

1:55 The basics of Emitters

2:30 Creating an Emitter system

3:20 Emitter properties

3:29 Emitter shapes

3:50 Adjust Emitter shapes

5:25 Cell Controls

5:53 Birth rate

6:53 Birth rate randomness

7:12 Initial number

7:36 Life & Life Randomness

9:03 Speed

9:32 Color mode & opacity over life

12:19 Scale & Scale randomness

13:29 Duplicating and adjusting emitters

16:18 Adding filters and finishing the scene

17:08 Exploring included emitters


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