Adobe Premiere Pro Training Lesson 8

This is Lesson 8 of 10 in my free Adobe Premiere Introductory course, all about audio in Premiere Pro.

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Before we begin, while premiere is actually great at mixing audio, it is not to be considered a full DAW. That being the case, it’s incredibly powerful in its feature set and should be able to accommodate most video needs.

Specific topics covered in this lesson are:

0:38 Understanding audio in Premiere Pro
1:42 Adjusting views
2:36 Adjusting audio volume in our timeline
3:17 Delete connected audio/video
5:28 Audio meters
5:38 Rename tracks
5:48 Voice over settings
6:41 The track mixer
7:31 Ducking audio
8:38 Creating Keyframes with the Pen tool
9:07 Fine tuning keyframes in our effect panel
9:58 Licensing and LEGAL use of audio
10:25 Two options for finding audio (one free one paid)
11:07 Licensing Music from Audio Jungle

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