Adobe Premiere Pro Training Lesson 5

Basics of editing in Premiere Pro
I’ve included sample media to practice with at the bottom of this description. We we be using this media for the remainder of the classes.

Topics included in this lesson:

0:44 Review of importing media
1:30 Review of creating sequence
1:47 Create sequence using footage
5:05 List view and Icon view
6:36 Organizing and rearranging panels
7:55 Sequence footage mismatch warnings
9:10 in / out selections
9:46 Placing clips and selections into the sequence timeline
10:27 Insert / Overwrite edits
13:41 Used # of times indication
14:28 Renaming clips
15:24 Sub clips
17:07 Why use subclips
17:47 Organizing media with Bins
19:22 The editing process
19:29 Storyboard editing with icon views
20:58 Using the trim tool
23:22 Preview of next lesson

If you want you can download sample media used in this and future lessons via this link. Size is 3.3 GB

I’m using a little music from Podington Bear. Theres some great music for small production and ambiance.
You can find more a out him and some music at :


If you are looking for more formal instruction on video production topics or software I am available for private instruction through my website at

There you can find all my tutorials, gear review as well as classes available including but not limited to: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut Pro, Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, Element 3D, Keynote, PowerPoint, Davinci resolve, DSLR boot camp, and many more.

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